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Friday, 3 October 2014

Been a while

       Well I see it's been a very long time since I've written in here. I never hear from people complaining that I am not posting enough so I am not encouraged to post anything. So to begin, I am not working. Haven't since the 26th of May, 2014. I have a rather large diabetic ulcer under my left foot and I am unable to drive the big truck or do flatbed. I have been collecting UIC and they are cutting me off because they ONLY give you 15 weeks of benefits. I've paid in over $11,000 in the past 28 years and when it comes time to collect, they give me a lousy $450 a week and only for 15 weeks. So now I've applied for Long Term Disability from my work benefits so we'll see how long that takes. The large open wound on my foot is almost completely healed over but my doctor says that it sometimes takes up to a year before it is completely healed properly. Well I can't afford to be off that long because I have to keep borrowing money from people (they will remain nameless but only in this blog) to survive. I am deeply thankful for these loans and, unlike so many people that I have lent money to over the years, I will pay them back however long it takes. I always do. I put together a list of all people I have lent money to over the years that have not paid me back. I should put the list up here but what would it serve. Let's just say there are 7 people on the list and the total amount owing to me is a staggering $15,900. And 95% of that amount I will never see. Oh well. A valuable life lesson learned. Never lend friends money. It's a good way to reduce your amount of friends. So now if anyone asks to borrow money from me, with the exception of 2 or 3 people, I would just say, "Sorry, don't have it."
     Onward to better topics. So even though I have been off work all summer, I did manage to put some miles on my motorcycle. Went on several long rides with Lorna (my ex-wife and very good friend) and we always saw some nice scenery and had lots of fun. The old bike is still running good and it's still looking good for a '99. As far as the person on it, well...

     So other than riding, basically that's all I've been doing that's worthy of my time. I've been concentrating on getting my blood sugar under control and I have succeeded at that. I eat better food, cut back all sugars, take more vitamins and supplements that help lower my blood sugars, and even started making my own chili which also helps knocking my sugar levels down. Before this wound appeared on my foot, I was totally not looking after my blood sugar. I would not care about it and still ate tons of junk food. Normal readings on my glucose meter are suppose to be between 4 and 6 and you're allowed up to 8 on an empty stomach. Well, my levels were anything between 14 and 22! Dangerously high! And that was all the time, every day, for years and years. It took my coming very close to losing my foot to finally slap me hard in the face to smarten me up and start looking after my diabetes. After a month or so of getting serious and changing my eating habits, I now get readings between 4.7 to an occasional 10 or 11. But my average is about 7.5 so compared to what it was before, it is (excuse my outburst) FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! And because my levels have been so good, my foot is healing up nicely and as my doctor is shaking my hand, he said, "Congratulations! You get to keep your foot!" And trust me, that is a much better feeling than eating a chocolate bar would give me. Speaking of food, I'm hungry. It's lunch time. Time to go eat a nice garden salad, sprinkled with grilled chicken and chopped almonds. Til next time. TTYL.