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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Okay NO MORE pictures of this truck AFTER these.

Okay, so these I took today when I went to Hamilton to pick up my load. It was the first trip I did with the new truck. My shifting was off since I wasn't use to the truck but I managed. It rode like a dream compared to that Freightliner I was driving. That truck was brutal. So the MACK was comfortable enough and the 505 HP MP8 Mack engine was peppy and very quiet. I had to keep turning down the stereo when it came time to shift because I couldn`t hear the motor. Had to go back to my rookie days when I had to keep looking at the tachometer to know when to shift. So, so far, I like it. By the time I do my 2 stops in Quebec (yuck) I should be all use to it. The next pictures I will take of this truck is when I get the new fuel tanks. They are all scored and scratched to ratshit. Looks really really bad. No mirror-like finish. And then, hopefully, before the tanks are changed, I will be hooked to my brand new MAC trailer with rolltite. I`ll be driving a 2011 MACK hooked to a 2011 MAC trailer. Holy MACKerel!! That`s all for now folks. Be courteous to truckers. Wave at them with all your fingers, not just ONE.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Little better pic of new truck

So there it is. My new truck. Outside. I'm all moved in and ready to go truckin'.