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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Okay NO MORE pictures of this truck AFTER these.

Okay, so these I took today when I went to Hamilton to pick up my load. It was the first trip I did with the new truck. My shifting was off since I wasn't use to the truck but I managed. It rode like a dream compared to that Freightliner I was driving. That truck was brutal. So the MACK was comfortable enough and the 505 HP MP8 Mack engine was peppy and very quiet. I had to keep turning down the stereo when it came time to shift because I couldn`t hear the motor. Had to go back to my rookie days when I had to keep looking at the tachometer to know when to shift. So, so far, I like it. By the time I do my 2 stops in Quebec (yuck) I should be all use to it. The next pictures I will take of this truck is when I get the new fuel tanks. They are all scored and scratched to ratshit. Looks really really bad. No mirror-like finish. And then, hopefully, before the tanks are changed, I will be hooked to my brand new MAC trailer with rolltite. I`ll be driving a 2011 MACK hooked to a 2011 MAC trailer. Holy MACKerel!! That`s all for now folks. Be courteous to truckers. Wave at them with all your fingers, not just ONE.

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  1. Diane Lucignani7 August 2011 at 15:29

    Come on, if you go to Quebec you get to practice your French. It's good for you. Don't you know that learning another language keeps the brain cells from deteriorating? Anyway, great looking truck. Am very happy for you.